API documentation

  • All responses emitted in JSON format
  • API implements HATEOAS
  • In all requests when authorization needed token must be provided
  • Authorization between applications must be implemented using tokens
  • Tokens have different ttl and scope. We have tokens for admins and tokens for users.
Answer type Response
successful answer status: ok response: data
conditionally successful answer

status: ok response: { error: “error description”,

code: “error code” }
unsuccessful response answer status: notOk error: “error description” code: “error code”
All answers are successful except following cases: invalid token, error occurred
internally in API (for example:database error)

Table of error codes

Code Description
1 Token not specified
2 Token invalid
3 User not found
4 Authorization failed
5 Required fields are missing
6 Authorization by token failed
7 Cannot insert new element
8 Access denied
9 Element not found
10 Fields are invalid
11 Duplicated record

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